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How to set up an e-commerce store with a mobile app?

Provide customers with quick access to what they need and keep them coming back.


How to make the most of your store with e-commerce marketing strategies?

Reach out to customers without needing extra manpower and take control of your product.


Helpful tips on integrating payment gateways

We will consult the best gateway in the market with competitive rates for FPX, installment and credits.

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How to get started with a mobile app for e-commerce?


Start With A Plan

The first step in getting your mobile app ready is planning it out. You need to think about what features will be included, how users will access them, and how much time and money you’re able to invest in the project. Once you have a plan in place for the development of your mobile app, it’s time to move on to step two!


Build Your App

The next step is building your app with experienced developers who understand both Android and iOS like Proven Dot Comm platforms so that customers on any device can use your business easily through their devices. Depending on your budget and timeline, you may opt for an off-the-shelf solution or custom coding – either way will ensure that customers have quick access to what they need ahead of competitors using traditional web-based commerce solutions only.


Deploy App From One Platform

Once the design process has been completed and all features have been finalized, the final step is deployment – either directly into the official stores or via side-load distribution methods (for closed group testing). Going directly into the stores ensures maximum reach since these are already populated by thousands of people looking for exactly what you offer! Creating an account for both Apple App Store/Google Play And posting updates regularly should keep customers informed about new products/services and current events within your store via notifications – there are many flexible tools available for this purpose too!

Have more streamlined customers

Get all these great features, just upload products and start earning


Unlimited number of products

Showcase thousands of products, with no limitation. Including product variety (colours & sizes) and combo as well.


Tracking & delivery updates

After an order succesfully placed, simply enter the tracking number and select a courier: ABX, DHL, Poslaju, NinjaVan, and Skynet.


Push Notification

Send messages to your customers via Firebase and history messages is supported thru our mobile app. 


Support Chat

Have Tidio – an integrated support chat that will ease your business operation. Set auto reply within 2 mins. 


Faster Checkout

Social Login via Google & Facebook + SMS Login by Facebook Account Kit. 

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Key factors to consider for having a mobile app for ecommerce


Ease of Use

Mobile apps should be designed with the user experience in mind – that includes keeping it as simple and intuitive as possible. The goal should be to make the user feel comfortable purchasing items from your store with minimal effort. With the right approach, customers will return again and again for their shopping needs.



Your mobile app must be reliable enough that customers don’t experience any problems when making a purchase or browsing through products. Opting for an established development platform like Proven Dot Comm can help ensure that your users are having an enjoyable buying experience with no glitches along the way.



As your e-commerce business grows, your mobile app also needs to grow along with it in order to accommodate increasing customer demand without any extra effort on behalf of their end users – think hosting capabilities that can effectively handle hundreds if not thousands of customers all at once without dropping connections or lagging response times.



Above all else, mobile apps must prioritize security above all else; this means coupling each transaction with an encrypted connection in order to prevent data theft while also requiring customers enter valid credentials every single time they attempt a purchase so as to discourage attempts at unauthorized activity on the part of malicious third parties trying to bypass system protections put into place by you or your development team.

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Background: Comsats University
Objective: To design user interactions on websites, developing servers, and databases for website functionality, and coding for mobile platforms.

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Background: Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, UiTM
Objective: Overseeing the structure and design of web pages and making them as user-friendly as possible.

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Azman Adil
Background: Bachelor in Information Technology, Universiti Teknologi Petronas
Objective: Producing clean, efficient code based on specifications handed.

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